Kehi Jingu Shrine

Kehi Jingu Shrine, the Chief Guardian Shrine of the Old Hokuriku-do Region

Kanegasakigu Shrine

Kanegasakigu Shrine, the Shrine of Difficult Breakthroughs and Love

Kanegasaki Ryokuchi Park

Feel the Salty Sea Breeze during a Relaxing Walk

Tsuruga Red Brick Warehouse

Red Brick Buildings with a Century of History

Minato Tsuruga Yama Kaikan

The Floats of the Tsuruga Festival, All in One Place

Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum

Tsuruga Port: Telling Stories of Life and Peace

Tsuruga Municipal Museum

With its Retro Look, Even the Building Tells of Tsuruga’s History

Kami-Warabe Washi Paper Doll Museum

The Sights of Long-ago Japan, Preserved for Today

Seimei Shrine

Seimei Shrine, Connected to the Onmyoji Abe no Seimei

Tsuruga Museum Street

Shopping on a Street of Historic Buildings

Takatoro Tall Stone Lantern at Suzaki

A Tall Stone Lantern that Tells of the History of Tsuruga Port

Kehi no Matsubara (Pine Tree Park)

A Nationally-Designated Site of Scenic Beauty Known for its Beautiful Pines

Graves of Takeda Kounsai and Followers

Nationalistic Imperialists Tragically Executed at the End of the Samurai Period

Saifukuji Temple

Fall Colors Make this a Seasonal Sight to See

Shibata Garden

A Strolling Garden with Groves and a Pond, incorporating Mt. Nosaka as a Backdrop

Sunset Atelier, a Lovers’ Sanctuary

The Breathtaking View that Captivated Emperor Taisho

Jogu Shrine

The Rear Shrine of Kehi Jingu Shrine

Nakaikemi-shicchi Wetland

A Ramsar Site Home to 3,000 Species of Flora and Fauna

Ikenokouchi Marsh

Full of Plants and Animals Unseen on the Plains

Ruins of Genbao Fort (Uchinakaoyama Fort)

Famed for its Incredible Fortification Technology in the Battle of Shizugatake

Mizushima Resort Uninhabited Island

An Island Paradise on the Deep Blue Sea of Tsuruga Bay

Tsuruga Symbol Road

Tsuruga, a Port City and a Railway City

Tateishi Cape Lighthouse

A Scenic Walk Along Tateishi Cape at the Tip of the Tsuruga Peninsula